today's another day

By dbrereton

An hour off [or I can't draw cows]

Last night after a day at work where I did many things, but not much off the list that I needed to do I had to fight the voices urging me to do some more work at home that evening.
It's hard, when you run your own business and are responsible for others. There is always something to do, and never any overtime.
This has been a theme for many many months now primarily due to Covid and our company being instrumental in keeping so many others up and running. In many ways it has been great, in others not so.
The lack of break or holiday, the very blurred line between work and home, the immediacy of technology leads us all to always be on these days.
The other day I posted a pic of me on top of a fell with friends in my 20s. We called home at night to let our other halves know we were still alive, hadn't fallen of Sharp Edge, and that I was going to have to go as I only had 20p for the pay phone. We could though escape. The good old days.
Now technology has us prisoner, and as I work in tech I sometimes feel I am locking myself up.
So to avoid the call to work, I stuck on a podcast (The Rockonteaurs – With Jools Holland as guest) and then printed off a random pic from the weekend, and picked up my pocket size watercolors and 1 brush to see if I could paint a scene from Sunday’s run.
So here is Scotland Lane, Birtle, and the hazy view towards where Peel Tower should be. Now, I’m not really worried if this is any good or not but do know by NOT working for a while and having some free time to do something for myself that today I will have more energy to get lots done. Who knew, resting works.
I also got some time to reply to comments on blip, dole out some hearts and stars and say hello to people I have been quiet with. When you work in tech, logging on to catch up on social stuff like Blip smells and feels like work, or can lead to it. I have been missing for a while due to office move, daughters’ hip, staff with Covid, a resignation, a stolen table and chairs, a dispute with a landlord, and the list goes on and on. It’s life, I have a busy one.
Anyway, find time to do something else that you enjoy, even if that is just picking your nose. There isn’t an app for that yet!!

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