By strawhouse

Eight Go Off to Camp

We've come up to Hampton Loade tonight with Nana, Papa and Elsie. It's so good to be back!
The campsite is at the top of the hill overlooking the Severn Valley and Hampton Loade station. It's just the sort of place to sit and stare!
I spent most of today dealing with the annoying woman who bought a sofa last week. It smells funny apparently. Grrrrrrrrr. She's been sending passive aggressive messages all week asking where it's been stored, telling me that Fabreze isn't making a difference, that her husband is upset. But not actually asking me to do anything about it. It was so stressful just waiting for the next email that I asked her today if she wanted me to get it collected and give her a refund. I expected her to say no; that she wanted some kind of discount but she said yes please. Sigh.
The courier that took it to her in the first place are coming to us anyway on Monday with another one (which I wouldn't have bought if I knew I was getting that one back!!) and after much tooing and froing I've managed to get them to pick it up and bring both at the same time.
And I need to refund her £900. Which has already gone to pay my credit card bill.
Anyway, sitting outside Marshall tonight looking at the beautiful view, watching the swallows darting and swooping, and eating a delicious BBQ feast, it didn't seem that important. There are worse things in the world!!
We sat out until it was dark and freezing. We introduced Nana and Papa to the delights of Sussed.

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