A device to save time when looking for a flannel

New things are beginning to grow in the Ottawacker household. I am not entirely sure what many of them are for, but as experience is perhaps the one thing I have in spades, I have decided to not ask questions.

Until now. While sitting on the toilet, I couldn't help but notice a sellotaped piece of string working its way up towards the shower curtain. At which point, said string dropped down again to a toilet roll tube, acting as a cantilever, from which the string once more stretched off into different directions.

Having safely removed myself from the toilet - memories of superglue still haunt my mind - I did all the necessaries and then summoned the plum of my loins to ask what was going on.

"It is," he said, in his best inventor's voice, "a way to earn money. I have installed this mechanism and you are going to pay me for its use. One cent per day."

Fifteen minutes later I had negotiated him down to 3 cents per week (result!!!) - and it was at this time I thought I had better ask what I was paying for.

"It is," he informed me, "a device to help you save time when looking for the facecloth. All you have to do is move to the end of the shower, pull back the curtain, and there is the facecloth. Simples."

Admittedly, I am more of a bar of soap and frottage type of person, but as he offered me the first week for free, I felt it churlish to refuse.

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