By dogwithnobrain

I wonder why…..

This is my flower….

I call it Willy.

It’s a Rhodochiton …. I did buy it expressly for the giggle that it would give me; but to be honest when it arrived I was just delighted with my little green sprout.

I Bought a thunbergia - together I call them Willy and Greta.

Greta’s are very pretty I have three versions; three different colours. I love them all.

When the Willy’s bloomed I was delighted - they grew up my stakes very quickly and a chain of bell like flowers appeared which were very pretty.

I said to Si they don’t have willys - and we opened the petals and saw a little tiny Willy inside.

And we giggled.

Move on three days and I went out to water and took a closer look! Oommmg. It had grown. For sure!

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