Ingunn in Oslo

By IngunnInOslo

The beauty of light ...

A special day today: 10 years since the terror attack in Oslo where 77 people got killed.... 

I was supposed to be at the office that day, but decided to travel to south Norway to sail.  If I had been in Oslo that day I would walked at the place where the bomb exploded at the time it exploded.  8 got killed in Oslo and over 209 injured. The second attack occurred  nearly two hours later at a summer camp for the youth division of the ruling Norwegian Labour party. Breivik (a right-wing extremist) wore a homemade police uniform and killed 69 and injured 110.

He got the maximum sentence,  21 years preventive detention in prison. The sentence can be extended indefinitely as long as he is considered a threat to society. There is no sign of remorse. He still believe that he did the right thing. 

The Norwegian people reacted with shock, a demand of more openness, more democracy, and more love and solidarity. One of the youth survivors said: If one man can show much hate, think how much love we could show together and that became our mantra those days and even years after. 

Norway got changed. We didn't know that we had right-wing extremists among us. Security became a troublesome matter, we had never seen police with weapons before, vehicles in front of my work that is close the the governmental buildings get detected for explosives.  I can't believe that I used the reception of the governmental building that got bombed as a short cut on rainy days with no security check at all. I could walk right in, right through to save some minutes.  

Today we remember all those who lost loved ones, the survivors that still struggle, the helpers, those who saved youth swimming for the life away from the island, all those close to those who still grief ... We all know one or several that are deeply affected. 

So many thoughts and feelings today...

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