Our own barrow

Since moving to this village I've been hearing of a local natural burial site; our Parish priest described it as "huge!"  And a lady vicar stopped by our house last week looking for the place, called Higher Ground, but nearly late for a service at which she would officiate.

So this afternoon I decided to find it; it's not tricky, being signposted and with an enormous Ham stone at the entrance to the field, but it was much more than I was expecting.  Certainly it has a large meadow (or four), but I spotted some mechanical diggers in the far corner and went down to investigate.  It's our own barrow and it's beautiful inside (Extra).  It's cool, with a gentle downdraft and stone seating around this central pedestal and light.  A PV array powers the gentle lighting and there's a system of clock-face passages, it seems.

I've always fancied a natural burial, rather than taking up space in the ground for ever; I really detest cremations, but a decent burial can be satisfying and reassuring.  And now I've found where to go, as it were, at the right time etc . . .

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