Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Holy Crap!

This is what scared sh*tless during the worst thunderstorm of my life looks like. It’s what I am doing at the moment, hiding under my covers in bed. I think four or five bolts of lightning hit rextremely close to my house. One may have hit it. If I had to guess I’d say there may have been several hundred lightning strikes during the past 60 minutes. I have never screamed during a storm but twice I let out pretty good ones because they seemed to come out of nowhere. The power has been out for over an hour. So I need to turn off my phone to save battery power.
Jeezy peasy. I’m not sure my heart will ever stop pounding.

Update 3:36 am 23 July: Storm has passed but there has been some flash flooding. Tens of thousands of people from Tucson to Green Valley (at least those serviced by Tucson Electric Power/TEP) are still out of power mostly due to poles/wires down. Estimated time of repair for Green Valley is 12:15 am on 24 July.

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