WARNING... not for the faint hearted...

There was a reason for my SP yesterday... I wanted a before and after photo because I've been in to have surgery this morning. The hospital phoned on Friday to say there had been a cancellation so I decided to bite the bullet and get it over and done with before my holiday. Alas my whole family are out of the country but I didn't want to worry them on their holidays so I didn't tell them which is why I haven't mentioned it. I've spoken to Mum now so it's safe to blip.

Thank you for the kind offers of a chum to the hospital, but I managed all by myself. There was a lot of waiting around as I had Mohs Surgery done. I had a lovely doctor who is clearly highly skilled given the size of the hole and the scar she's given me. The area is called my nasojugle which made me giggle. She had to go in twice to get all the cancer cells and has stitched me up beautifully. She's made an amazing job and my worries of having a big ugly scar have disappeared now. The staff at the hospital couldn't have been nicer.

I had a few funny looks as I sat in Starbucks in between the surgeries but the reaction of people fascinates me. You catch them staring and they look away almost immediately, embarrassed to have been caught out. It doesn't worry me... they were probably thinking I've had a nose job!!

So now I'm stocked up on painkillers... I fear after four anaesthetic jabs (in the side of my nose... not pleasant) wear off I'm going to know that I've got fourteen stitches on my nose, plus the three dissolving ones underneath the scar. That had to be the worst part... well the noise of her cutting through the skin and digging the hole wasn't something I want to hear again but before I had the biopsy done back in November, I'd never had stitches before. The feeling of my skin being pulled in such a manner makes me feel quite queasy probably how you're feeling after seeing my blip - sorry if you've just eaten! and I didn't actually think I'd be able to look at the photos so I waited till I got home just in case I puked!

So I have the most ridiculous bandage on my face, slightly smaller than the one in the photo, in that it doesn't reach my forehead, which has to stay on for the next two days. It's already swollen and I've to expect bruising but after the dressing comes off I can get it wet and then the stitches will come out next Tuesday. Then I'm going to smother it with bio oil and hope it fades a little before my holiday.

Always wear sun cream!!

30 sleeps!

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