By ciorstain

Day 506 - Umbrella ..... ?

Froday - I started with a call with Iska and we made new plans for me going to Aberdeen.
The it was time for Hazel's coaching call and felt really good that I had done some progress!!
I went out to get some veg - the weather is so beautiful!!
Those two were using an umbrella to protect them from the sun while we are trying not to miss a single ray.
I learned recently that Chinese people do not like to get tanned ... cultures are different I suppose!

I did Marketing stuff in the afternoon and stopped working at 6:30 as agreed with Neil as we wanted to BBQ!

We had a lovely evening, ended up sharing with Helena who had had a few too many wines but was great company.

We finished off early - we did not even need our lights!
It was lovely!!

Day 2 of looking more after myself completed!

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