By gallusboy

Pied Wagtail

With its black-and-white markings and long, wagging tail pied wagtails are easy to identify (unlike sanderlings, dunlins and knots)!  They are classed as garden birds but it is rare for Mrs CBL and I not to see a few hopping about  high above the tide line on our beach walks.

Pied wagtails feed on insects and there are plenty on the beach and amongst the sand dunes for them to choose from.  They rarely stand still for more than a few seconds so it was a bonus that this one posed for me on the rocks.

I seemed to see the same clips from the Olympics each time I switched on the television today. Different presenters and a slightly different slant on the day’s events but still the same action on show.  A few ups and a some downs for Team GB & NI so far.  In particular it was a major disappointment for Jade Jones (Taekwondo, double Olympic champion) who lost her first round fight.  She is such an impressive exponent of this martial art but alas it wasn’t to be a third gold medal for her.

Presently watching the Triathlon with Jonny Brownlie and Alex Yee well placed but it is late so it’ll be tomorrow when I find out whether or not they are amongst the medalists.

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