Day 492 It's Tiny Tuesday!

Today was a day of useful activity for myself and Mr MC .  We decided that once again we should tackle the 'office', a room which no longer has that official purpose and is due to be made rather smaller as part of a plan to create, finally, an ensuite for our bedroom.  I say 'office' but I could have perhaps more accurately described it as the dumping ground for things that don't appear to have any other home!  First to be tackled was the extraordinary number of gift bags, mostly  acquired by Mr MC when he retired.  We sorted them into 'damaged, so throw away', 'totally unmarked so give to charity' and 'keep' which was a very small amount.
We then reluctantly put out for recycling three years of Christmas cards ( yes, I'm too sentimental to throw them after the festive season finishes) and finally I tackled a cupboard full of magazine holders containing ACAS news letters and HMRC Employers Bulletins, some dated as far back as 2003, plus some instruction manuals for equipment long since gone.  Unfortunately there is much, much more to be tackled and I will need the services of a confidential shredding company.
Feeling pleased with ourselves, we finally booked a weekend away in Lavenham in September.  We've been to The Swan a few times now and it will be the perfect first getaway break that we've had in two years, especially if we can book some spa treatments too.
After all this excitement, I decided to relax for the afternoon and find something easy for TT.  I was torn between some vintage earrings and these pretty Jay feathers found in the garden.  The feathers were Mr MC's favourite, so I'm going with these and will save the earrings for another week.  Many thanks to Osuzanna for hosting in July.

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