Wine,Women & Song

By CelloNerd

At the intersection of Bay and Holly

I learned today that our lovely town of Bellingham ranks second in the nation for arts businesses per capita. The intersection of Bay and Holly, pictured here, is smack in the heart of the "arts district" which features numerous galleries, studios, and museums. Local artists here have ample opportunities to showcase their work!

From where I stood as I snapped this shot, I can see several of my favorite haunts, including Quist Violin shop, Wood's Coffee, Bayou on the Bay, The Pickford Cinema, Spark Museum of Electricity, Mt. Bakery, and The Temple Bar. Directly behind me are Otion Soap Bar, the Blue Horse Gallery and several other smaller galleries and shops.

The city of Bellingham certainly provides a wonderful stage for independent cinema, music, theater, dance, art, and innovation.

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