Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Garden mandala

I sat on the deck this afternoon and drew the flowers I could see, & included the raspberries. It has been a day of in and out sunshine, it rained very hard in the night and filled our water butts to capacity from almost empty. Which has no doubt done the garden a power of good.

Much cooler today, but still hot enough that I became faint at one point and had to cool down on the floor for 5 minutes. What a feak and weeble constitution! I did a little light gardening, but mostly I did a lot of heavy, demanding sitting and drawing. Very nice to have a restful day enjoying a bug-free garden with a bit of a breeze. 

We're off early tomorrow so the van has to be ready before bedtime. No problem at all, we are turning into a sleek machine! As I write this the little grey car is changing hands, taken over by friends who will deliver it to Skåne and their son and family. So the little grey car is off on a very big adventure, having only been driven in our county and the ones next door. After travelling in a hybrid car we are fairly sure we will go for that solution when it's time to change our car, one that is bigger than the little Picanto, and smaller than our present Ce'ed. I can't imagine we will go for a Tesla!!

Where has the day gone really? I'm not sure! I mended a couple of T-shirts, hoovered up a bit of dust, pollen and general summer rubbish from the downstairs. We walk in with our shoes on, or our bare feet inside and out so biological debris comes into the house in an interesting way. Spiders too and ants... part of summer is the smudging of the barriers between indoors and out. In winter they are hard and fast, and are honoured scrupulously with double doors and routines for closing in the heat, and closing out the cold. Now it's all about a free flow of fresh air through every available opening in the house!

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