Three seats

I've listened to the first concert with classical music in a very long time, the latest one was in November of 2019 I think. That kind of music has been with me since I was eighteen, in an active way, when I used to go to classical concert with my friends. I've missed the opportunity of listening to classical music performed live.

In a church nearby where I lived we, the rather large audience, listened to a pianotrio with Peter Jablonski, piano, Brusk Zangane, violin and Per Nyström cello. All of them professional soloists, touring all over the world, sometimes gathered in this trio, that they call "Old ox pianotrio". The experience was absolutely stunning. It's like they don't play their instruments, they are a mere extension of their bodies when they play together. 

All day, apart from a couple of hours of grass mowing, has been devoted to music for my part. Rehearsing and finding new repertoar can be very rewarding, today was a good day.

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