Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

At work

At work, and having lunch at a nice table, but not this one.
At Karin and Jonas's house.
In the countryside, full of flowers, hens, cockerels (two, they are best mates) and many bees busy making honey.
Worked hard enough to fill a page of notes and sketches for the shop window at the Left Party office, new theme coming up.

On the road, drove to town.
Found another batik picture - what's going on? (This one was African and involves drinking giraffes. As in heads down to a stream, not G&T)
Parked and walked to the library for my appointment with Kerstin.
Reminded her by text.
We sat in the park in the shade to do the "interview" which was more of a natter about her work.
She teaches "Slöjd" handicrafts, using recycled, up-cycled stuff from the council owned utilities department (water, power and refuse/recycling).

Felt the need of a Rose-fix, went over for one.
Conversation and hilarity for an hour, then got a phone call.
Visitors wishing to come to see us!
Dashed with a bit more focus to do the grocery shopping and drive home.
Unpacked the shopping, stashed things in the right places (Ice cream in the freezer, good call). 
Keith arrived home from his extended bike ride.
Ruth and Pia arrived and we wandered over the estate, them admiring,  exclaiming and delighting, and encouraging the gardeners.

Indoors we looked at the drawings and the light board and talked about inspiration, or lack of it.
Did a tour of the van for Pia who is very interested in having a van, but is also an impoverished student.
They drove off, we sat down to have a sandwich or two at 9 o'clock.

Heard that a good friend is in hospital awaiting a heart operation, having collapsed when cycling. 
A little later we heard he is now in the big hospital and will be operated on sooner rather than later. 
Good news.
This fragile, precious life we live!

Spent my drawing time this morning with a pencil in my hand, no ink, no colour, just a good old sharp (and often sharpened) HB. 
Totally controllable, even rub-out-able if and when needed.
Can be seen in the extra.

I changed the black buttons on the perfect pink candyfloss cardigan. 
Here's a similar one with the same knitted peplum design.
Thunder and lightning rolling around this evening, but no rain.
heavy clouds in the sky.
Darkness in the house, lights on, the nights are drawing in a little.

Now nearly 18,000 American dollars in the fund for Palesa's children, Kendall's grandchildren. Here's the link.

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