Saturday: Tenth Avenue

A couple of really nice conversations today.  One with my friend, Mary, who was in a cabin in upstate New York and another with my aunt and uncle, back in Newcastle.  

K and I headed out for a while to take a walk along Tenth Avenue, specifically the block between Ontario and Manitoba which is supposed to be the ‘nicest block’ in Vancouver.  I can see why that might be the case - it’s full of lovingly restored heritage homes, full of character and colour.  I imagine homes like that to be full of books, warmth and the smell of baking.  I’d be disappointed if that turned out not to be the case.

After that, we headed to our local noodle place for a late lunch.  Saturday noodles, as we call them, has become a bit of a habit.  And also because it’s Saturday, we enjoyed a few beers this evening and talked about some trips we’d like to make -one of our favourite subjects.

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