By TheOttawacker

Goalkeeping practice

We are in the midst of an ongoing and somewhat draining heatwave at the moment - which, to be honest, is very easy to withstand as we are not faced with an accompanying drought (yet) or the threat of forest fires, which blight the west coast and the North. So, nothing to complain about except, well, it is hot. And humid. 

And I have to stand outside the field (Covid restrictions) while Ottawacker Jr. receives instruction in the fine art of goalkeeping. The training he has been getting has, in all honesty, been piss poor. Not the coaches fault, but the concept of a community club is that they accept all talents and levels in an age group. For Ottawacker Jr., who is already the youngest in the group, this is proving to be a little frustrating. 

Not sure what to do, to be honest. I believe in the concept of 'sport for all', so it feels a little hypocritical to be expecting the training to be brilliant at the same time. Especially when I am not prepared to do it myself... conundrums. (Or is it conundra?)

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