By hazelh

Painting all done, holiday over

Having touched up the blue gloss on the once-purple garden seating this afternoon, all my garden painting jobs are now complete. My blip shows the now-brown seating (the same colour as the bird table and block garden), and the shed, which I painted on Friday.

As well as painting, I weeded my vegetable and cut flower beds. I popped the spent broad bean plants into the compost bin, spaced out the herbs, and thinned the carrots and beetroot plants. Whether or not the vegetables will amount to anything more than 'baby' remains to be seen.

Mr hazelh has also been busy in the garden today. He made me a shed work bench/shelf, as can be seen on the left hand side of my extra. Here can also be seen my new whiteboard and the containers that I labelled yesterday.

Back to work tomorrow :-(

Exercise today: walking (16,289 steps).

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