Poor bubba had to go to the vets on going problem.
But he had stayed the same weight and most of the mouth infection was gone just down the throat now. Sunday I thought he was going to die he laid all limp and sad two days later he was eating but I still took him to the vets and he was seen by the same vet quite sweet he picked him up and gave him a cuddle and said your a sweet boy.
I too! Think he is a sweet boy I was prepared for him to be put to sleep as he is half his weight now and 21 years plus maybe. But we’re home and have him some beef that he likes. On my bed waiting for me his tongue sticking out bless him no teeth bar one black fang umbilical hernia and heart murmur the vet said he tried to hear his heart but he was purring so loud he didn’t hear it. Bless my Blk I thought I wasn’t bringing him home but he is on my bed now comfy.

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