Annie and Chris

By AnnieAndChris

Wombling Plastics

We met up with the Aylesbury Wombles this morning. For the past month, all plastic bottles collected in the regular litter picks have been retained and today we categorised and totalled up what had been collected. The final numbers were: water bottles 1053, ‍energy drinks 421, fizzy drinks 395, fruit juice 212, fruit shoots 89, milkshakes 57,  alcohol 33 and miscellaneous 61. A total of 2321.

Once counted, we arranged them all into a giant bottle shape. Annie and I assisted but I was also there to film the activities with the drone, you can see the edited final product [url=]here[/url]. Whilst plastics aren't the only litter we collect, it is a significant proportion and sadly so much of it is single-use. Annie took the blip of some of the team around the "bottle".

We did a litter pick of the area after bagging all the bottles back up ready for collection. It was very warm but as ever felt like a job well done. 

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