By Ingeborg

Number one animal

The dragon is the number one animal in Chinese symbolism, the dragon stands for the emperor and the ruler of the skies and the waters. This one is a beautiful transparent purple glass piece, one of the farewell gifts from Singapore, as we collect dragons. For its true colour and the effects of light and background on it see the colour version in the extra.  For MonoMonday with its theme 'One' and with thanks to random_angel for hosting this new month.

Thanks so much for all your Abstract Thursday entries last week. This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'motion blur', think panning, ICM, ISM (Intentional Subject Movement). The tag will be AT324

Here's the list of 5 specials from last Thursday:
Evie11                 gorgeous ICM scape
Wildstar               as abstract as reality can be !
DawnP                 clockwork ball
DonnaWanna    naturally
FotoPlay              water colours

Thanks so much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's greenfinch :-)

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