I can't imagine what it must be like

to lose a limb. Watching the Paralympics from Tokyo was incredible, the ambition, drive, & determination of the athletes in a multitude of categories was amazing. AND we, Team GB, came second in the medals tables. A fantastic achievement. It was compelling to watch, & hopefully will inspire others to have a go. My father was an amputee, never ever out of pain after the above knee amputation until the day he died sadly.
Today, did one load of laundry, dropped off a box of goodies (veggies from the plot, bramble jelly 2021 version, & courgette & hazelnut chutney 2020 edition) to Mum to pass on to Peter & Carol returning home after a very jolly weekend, by all accounts. 4 hours gardening at George & Jean's. Al looking spick & span for their daughters arrival from France later in the day. Nipped into BT on the way back, a successful detour, finding fresh dill, a cookery book for a friends birthday later in the month, plus 2 silicone muffin trays in The Mare & Foal Sanctuary charity shop.
Back home again by 2.30. Lunch then a quick look at the paper before weighing up the blackberries & apples for the next batch of bramble jelly.
One of hubby's friends does hog roasts for weddings & parties so passed over a pig's liver for us to enjoy. Erm! It smelled of fish, & tasted fishy, which was weird and a shame as it sliced perfectly, & we were both looking forward to it. Hubby did'nt say his tasted fishy so perhaps it was just me.

Thanks to HOtamer for hosting Mono Monday #one

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