By Yorkshirebred

Just hanging around!

Decided to get out for a walk first thing before it got too warm, but that didn’t really work.  By the time I had walked the perimeter of St Ives it was pretty hot.  I stopped at Ivy Kitchen and bought an iced latte which I drank as I walked around the pond.  Some lovely reflections in the lake today, but I changed my mind on which photo to use when I saw the one of this laid back squirrel just hanging around in the bird hide.  Walked onto the garden centre for a look round, and then went to book a table at Yorkshire Treats for myself and my grandchildren for lunch.  Walked home and had just about cooled off when it was time to go back down the village.  Lovely lunch and nice to catch up with my granddaughter who doesn’t normally come out with us.  Home again.  Cooled off again and then back down the village again to join friends in the pub for 3 & Go.  Lovely evening sitting outside in the sunshine.  Certainly got a lot of steps in today!

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