Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Two's company, three's a crowd.

"I can cope with this old nag but I don't trust that Georgie bloke"

I was hoping for sunshine to get an early morning shot of strings of flags fluttering in the gentle breeze outside the village pub. Not a glimmer of sunshine BUT this sight met my eyes!

The village is preparing for a fund-raising evening for our swimming pool, one of the folk has borrowed 2 DIY store trolleys and made carriages out of them. These are to be used for a jousting challenge for teams of two, one to push and one to hold the jousting pole. The loosers are to be put in stocks and subjected to wet sponges being thrown at them.

I thought it would be great to go back at 6pm for an action shot, maybe the sun would be out by then. No luck. Dreadful grey sky and no sign of any action before I had to go to a meeting. Prospective St. Georges were enjoying the beer too much.

Not a brilliant photo, but an opportunity to unusual to miss.

Hope you have had a happy St. George's Day.

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