By annemcurtis

Cute Ducks which are Grebes

I'll be looking for someone to identify them......I tried but failed.
They were so cute and entertaining. ......Bobbing up and down in the water and the wee ones scooting fast after their mother. Have had two blippers identify them.....There do seem to be a few different types of these too.......Impossible for me to know

I admit that this was from yesterday. I have the usual boring shots from the garden today. It was quite a nice day but I was worth nothing today as my neck had been really sore last night and the night before. I even woke up early and thought that I should get up. I regretted that all day as I was wiped out. Felt really guilty that I wasn't doing anything of note.
However I had a nice face time with my son, daughter and law and the kids. 
Now fish in a Thai sauce (basic-dish and sticky rice........ Its not worth eating food that you aren't bothered about.

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