By Ridgeback13


Day of online meetings at home -straightforward but full on. Gradually unpacking the car…although as I opened the door one box fell out and spilled hundreds of bits of paper across the pavement and into puddles and under the car…grr!
Did some laundry to prepare myself for a very full house and Ad arrived…they’ve found a place to stay but it’s not available til mid November, so I’ll have him here as well as A (and N?) and the cat and the dog soon…eek! At least he can help with the dog whilst A and I are at work…
He went down to the basement to help me explore the store rooms and worked out which is mine but it’s full of junk so I’ve arranged for someone to come and clear it…I’m going to have to move a load of stuff down there to make space!
V popped round to collect the car and we sat and chatted for a while about everything and nothing before I made Ad and I supper then we watched some TV and had an early night. Only once I was in bed did I realise I had no photos, so grabbed a shot of the lavender by my bed that I picked from T&Kt’s garden. Hadn’t seen the little spider webs on it til I took the photo!

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