By pensionspoet

Mouse-making at last...

...ironically with Ralph's help. He is sitting on the sofa next to me as close as he can get, and keeps nudging my hand with his nose. I've prepared all these recently picked up acorns by varnishing them. So they are now drying and I've started on my first mouse. Trying to have new ideas but so far none are forthcoming!

Work was a drag, and I was glad to finish at 5. By midday on a Wednesday I have pretty much had enough - clearly I should just be working half time - but I don't think I can afford that without having another income, and I don't think I would be allowed anyway. I'm still waiting for inspiration from somewhere deep inside my brain, and until I get it, I guess I continue as I am. But, these mice in acorns in frames are my Xmas plan so I need to get on with them now.

Finished off another craft project straight after work, and Jon made dinner. He has now gone to help out with the Sheringham Scout troup now he doesn't have an Explorer Scout troup. At least they are an earlier group and he will be home by 9. He is back to work tomorrow so I think he will be happy to get back to normality.

Now back to my fimo and fiddly mouse making!

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