By Happyme

Butterflies and bees

Although they can't be seen that well in this photo this marjoram bush was full of both bees and butterflies. I have left the bush to its own devices and it has spread and flowered much more than I thought it would. Today in the sunshine it looked super and I'm so pleased I left it sprawling as so many insects were "doing their thing" and enjoying every inch!
I spent the day in the garden moving plants and generally tidying and setting up ready for the winter which can move in quickly at this end of the year. I wanted to get some cuttings and plants in containers so I can overwinter them in the growing room and hopefully keep them safe for next year. I'm trialling some things both left in the ground and some removed, to see if they can survive outside, but hopefully have some plants to fall back on if the winter kills my outside flowers. I like an experiment!

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