By norfolkdoc

Sorry ......

..... it's another needlework blip - but it is "my day".  

This basket pre-occupied my thoughts yesterday evening, during the night, and again first thing this morning.  I struggled to make the lining/divider - my first attempt was too small, despite following the pattern and instructions, and has had to be thrown away.  There's a video on You Tube - but it is very poorly filmed, with the camera often pointed at the wrong part of the project.  I did enjoy learning how to use the heat adhesive foam to add structure to the basket.

I sent an email to the folks who provided the material and pattern, expressing my disappointment, and had a nice email back this morning, saying they would take on board my comments, try to post an improved video when they had time, and promising a goody in the post.  

After I'd exercised this morning, I felt I was calm enough to have another go.  I found some suitable alternative lining material in my stash, adjusted the way I sewed it up, and the lining was just about big enough this time.  So I finished it off with the binding around the top.  It's only for me, not an item to give away or sell - so it is good enough. 

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