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By HarlingDarling

The only one today

This is me having another go at the same glorious photo I've worked with before, this time I look quite a lot like I did at the time, but Jess looks very strange - so you don't get to see her apart from one eye which is great!

It was really nice to sit quietly, listening to the rain and giving myself plenty of time to concentrate. Also handy to be doing it early on in the day rather than late at night when I need my bed. I was a political widow today as Keith had a meeting all day, then he was a political widower all evening as I had a meeting myself! It took too long at 3 hours.... but it was a tricky meeting with a lot of decisions to make. And then I had the minutes to write up before I forgot what I was doing.

It has rained persistently all day so I have not been outside a lot today. But before it really got going I completely tidied up the downstairs. We have been dumping things and dashing off on the next adventure, so it was a bit messy everywhere. I thought I'd sort out my area before settling down to some translation. I did a couple of hours on the 6 documents I have to translate, all on the subject of the forest and biotechnology. My usual (although intermittent) employer in Stockholm. Well, it's something to do when it rains!!

Otherwise I've made butternut squash soup and we have (finally at going up for 10) eaten some of it! Spoke to the lovely Rose today and we will eat dinner with her tomorrow, which is nice. We will probably sleep in the van after that and make a quick getaway in the morning. Our pals decided against the long trip we were planning together, so we'll just spend one night out on the coast with them - where the rain will be holding off and we are promised some sunshine! We have packed the van for several days of being away, just in case!

We're rounding off the evening with a lovely chat with Dave and Jude who are in their mobile home in Scotland for 2 weeks. We speak about holidays, vans, and politics - and covid restrictions, the new strains of the virus that are playing merry hell with everyone. All the pandemic restrictions are removed from the start of October, and things are opening up. My diary is still fairly empty but it's filling up for the first time in 18 months - exciting times ahead, hopefully not too exciting....

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