By Hillyblips

High Protein Diet

Doing a bit of a photo bomb Gladys Goldline rushed nay galloped, picking up her skirts to nail the cranefly. Constantly giving us grief with her escapee tactics, the Escape From Alcatraz pales into insignificance beside her ingenuity and downright cheek, totally oblivious of the consequences as she searches out the grubs and insects in the surrounding hedgerows. 

Her very effective canter and barge at the electric fence works a treat puncturing it with holes for her fellow inmates. Hubs has been hard at work yesterday using an auger to drill new very thick fence posts in at the corners but such are his problems with the equipment that only two are in so far. Nobody said it was easy. 

Both Tilly and Poppy are looking very sorry for themselves for varying reasons so lots of attention, meds and cuddles.

Dad has had an all clear on the Covid test front yesterday! Totally Amazing. They are now wanting to free up the bed and get him out! He will not be able to do anything at all, needs a hoist brought into home and feeding up on a high protein diet as the last two weeks have taken their toll; it goes without saying. There are going to be many issues with this and I think if we lived next door it would be more  manageable. He will hate it. 

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