A Daily Dose

By suejay50

Home again . . . .

A very good drive home this morning with no problems encountered thankfully - and our fuel held out which was just as well as several outlets were only supplying HGV drivers.
On going into the 'garden' I found this wildflower full of blooms (extra) and got a close up of a beautiful hover fly enjoying the nectar.  I'll have to leave these flowers for a while as there were quite a lot of insects enjoying it.  The garden does need a tidy up, but it will have to wait for another week!

Huge thanks for all the comments, stars and hearts left for the dragonfly yesterday - I really do appreciate it.
Hopefully I will now be able to start commenting properly for a while.....but son #3 has bought and paid for a ticket for me to go and visit him in Spain so I will be off to enjoy some late sunshine in October. I am so looking forward to seeing the little grands but not the journey and all the paperwork!

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