A serious EB..................................

The weather has been horrible, and I have been busy, and only when I got to serving up dinner after my husbands' weekly phone call to his father did I realise that I had not picked up the camera all day.   FIL does not know who he is talking to anymore, but we keep the weekly calls going just in case.  He is over 100, fit in body but the memory has totally gone, so very sad.

I managed to cut myself tonight on a knife that has just been sharpened, I am so careful, and I wash them with care and put them away immediately.  I was drying it and I only just touched the blade.  Not a serious cut, but I am cross with myself because I am the one who likes sharp knives and takes great care with them.  A rare occurrence!!!

Dinner, as you can see with the only photo I took, was Avocado pear with sliced biltong,  a crustless quiche made with the vegetable leftovers and a few more veggies added.  It is big (300mm diameter 12 inches).  My night off tomorrow so we will have the rest on Tuesday. Wednesday will see off the remaining vegetables in the fridge while we are away until Sunday.

I think for once the Strictly result was probably right tonight I do not always agree but..........

Take care everyone and keep safe.  Thanks for visiting and sorry for such a boring blip today.

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