By WilsonsNewDad


Living in a small town in England, there is always the danger that a wild animal of prey – such as Wilson – might lose his 'edge' in tracking down, killing and devouring his elusive and cunning prey.
So it is that once or twice a year he will practice his special skills by tracking his quarry with his sensitive sniffer, hunting it down and finally delivering the coup de grâce and eating it.
Sensing today that his skills might require some fine-tuning, instead of eating his usual breakfast of croissant, marmalade and coffee he went directly to the kitchen.
Going down on all-fours he began sniffing at the floor until he found the scent.
Making his way carefully towards the fridge his nose began to twitch with excitement as he drew closer.
Finally he rose and gave a triumphant cry as he opened the fridge door and looked inside.
'Hah!' he exclaimed – 'I've still got it, New Dad. My ancient ancestral skills have not deserted me!'

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