Bark, Order, Pinny?

As I said, a little over eight years ago, I learnt this as "The Bark and Squark" which seemed to be Fire Service nomenclature for "The Dog and duck"
I mentioned it when I Blipped it under its new banner of "Last Orders".
Today I've traversed from stuck for an idea to spoilt for choice, most of which, including this, are repeatable.  One of which was evidence of the equally noxious gale(s) I haven't/hadn't noticed.

I wonder if they've moved closer to "Pub Grub"?

A pinafore.
One of a set of uniformly colored, usually sleeveless shirts worn as a temporary team uniform, as when scrimmaging.
A pinafore: a childish or colloquial word."
I think, maybe, most Cumbrians see (Or used to see) a Pinny as an Apron Mam wore in the kitchen, but on further search maybe they're planning Battles?

1. (Rugby) rugby another word for Scrum.
2. a variant of scrimmage."

 A garment, usually fastened in the back, worn over all or part of the front of the body to protect clothing."

I couldn't do the same shot since Co-op closed so no access to 1st floor Café.

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