Back and Forth thru time

By pingufivemins

Complicated Illusions

Evening all,

First proper concert for best part of two years, and couldn't have picked a better one.

Confusion still reigns supreme in event land,
if you don't have your covid pass ready you must go to the back of the queue, but no one looks at it or scans it if you have it ready
Mask on, mask off, confusing signs confusing times.

Best thing about the pandemic, men actually stop and wash their hands after using the urinals..

No ladies, it wasn't common practice before that, if they say it was,
they're lying.

Sublime moments of brilliance interwoven with sadness, and I'm crying as I'm singing.

Now, post concert haze, is it a dry throat or is it the spectre of Covid creeping closer.

Waiting for the ping, seems to be the thing, but tonight I'm too manic to care.

Night all


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