By WilsonsNewDad


Uckfield is a 13th Century village or small town located in Sussex in the south of England.
First recorded in writing as 'Uckefeld' in 1220, is an Anglo-Saxon place name meaning 'open land of a man called Ucca'. It combines an Old English personal name, 'Ucca' with the Old English locational term, 'feld', denoting open country or arable land.
In the past Wilson has tried his paw at various tours – Cultural Uckfield, Haunted Uckfield, Uckfield Bridge and so on.
None has been what you would call a success, but some have been more dismal failures than others.
Although the village dates from the 13th Century, there are precious few of the original buildings remaining.
Wilson, however, is as irrepressibly confident as ever, and assures me that he can cobble together a tour itinerary to delight the most demanding of the historically inclined.
Even as I type this, he's researching Uckfield's long and questionable history.
Historic Uckfield Tour will be coming soon – but not too soon, I hope!
In today's photo you can see Uckfield Station.
The railway didn't come to Uckfield until 1858, but I expect you'll hear a lot more about that on the tour…

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