By dogwithnobrain

Sugar plum cinnamon and lemon tart

At work this week the girls were telling me that I needed to open a shop.

A shop where they could come and eat my baking with coffee and just chat. 

I do not profess to be a brilliant baker, but I enjoy pulling together a cake or a loaf for a birthday.  

What had started us off was cookies which Jessica's mum had made for her birthday - they were cookies, which looked like polaroid photos - with pictures of their trips. 

The girls said I would be able to make something like that... but I think they are overshooting expectations of my skills. 

At the exact same time I got an email in (I think the computer is listening to me).... from a company called Biscuiteers, who make biscuits decorated to suit the occasion; jotters, flowers, gin glasses, all sorts.  I thought, maybe I could start with something like that. 

So I ended up with Micky Mouses, Unicorns and Empire Biscuits.  All lemon flavoured, with lemon drizzle topping and sprinkles. 

Not sure how they taste... this is like a diet aid for me... I cooks, I look at it, I feel full, I don't eat them. 

but that in itself is a bit of a worry - i take them into work, and I've got to sit and wait for the reactions. 

On that basis, opening up a cafe bakery probably wouldn't work.  I don't think customers would to taste my creations without knowing what they would taste okay first. 

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