While on my runs

By waipushrink


A much easier day today. Particularly brightened just before lunch by doing an end of run interview with one of our interns (we used to use the term house surgeon, but they are not surgeons, nor in residence). She has been a pleasure to have in the unit. Interested, capable, empathic and hard working. And she 'gets' psychiatry.

Answered the last new email at 1600 and went for a jog, partly in the fields below Highfield Reserve, which is where I was able to get quite close to the Kereru (NZ wood pigeon) in my blip.

It is sad that so many New Zealanders find it easier and more comforting to believe that our Government and the Ministry of Health and the scientists are conspiring to cause them harm by lockdowns and now vaccinations, than to accept that there really is a potentially lethal infection caused by the Covid-19 virus. 

The official figures show that of those who have tested positive for Covid in this outbreak, 78% were unvaccinated, 16% had had the first 'jab', but less than two weeks before. Only 2% were fully vaccinated (i.e. two injections more than two weeks before testing positive). And none of those needed hospitalisation. 

I wonder if it is time to stop trying to protect those refusing to be protected (have the vaccine), and instead let it be known that we will move instead to protect those who cannot be vaccinated by requiring proof of vaccination or an exemption card for certain activities. Government has started down that line by making vaccination mandatory for health care workers and teachers. 

I found out today that in Central Auckland only a handful of Police officers are not fully vaccinated, and only one is refusing. Almost all our nurses and doctors are vaccinated, fully or partially, and all must be by 01 December. It's a sad state, but as the proverb has it: "You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink"

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