By Veronica

Autumn colours

The view from the table where we drank our coffee after lunch out at O Mazette. Extra is a ground-level view.

It was a good lunch, and fantastic value at 13 euros for two courses, or 14 for three. My serving of pork filet mignon with mustard sauce was so huge that I had to ask for a doggy bag -- no way could I eat all that meat in one sitting. And I skipped dessert.

Earlier, S had run a half-marathon while I caught up on Bake Off. By the end of the showstopper I was ready to scream at everyone except Jurgen and Giuseppe repeatedly pronouncing bavarois "bavwah". The clue is in the spelling!

This afternoon S swept the chimney. I don't think we're going to need a fire though. The weather has been so lovely this last week.

Mystère update: he's been out and about today, and is now sleeping happily on my lap.

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