By BGCoffee

Flying And Bread

First priority on rising (forgive the pun) was to finish yesterday's bread and the result is in the extra.  Next up, while we were away in Europe, it was annual disassemble and inspection time for N1310K.  It is always a little nerve-wracking the first flight after my aviation mechanic has dismantled virtually everything on the plane and I have to take it for a spin to ensure everything is working OK.  Obviously there are plenty of checks to be done on the ground before comitting to the air, and those all went well and soon I was careering down runway 18 at Grand Prairie at the start of a routine 3 laps round the airport with 3 landings.  At least that is what I was expecting.  The standard pattern is all left turns until final and land.  But there were other planes wanting to land at the same time, and on my downwind leg I was suddenly instructed to perform a 360 degree turn to the right before continuting, then after landing number one ATC wanted me to go right and perform an opposite pattern before landing.  The last circuit was back to normal and no 360 and so taxi back to the hangar, confident that everything had been put back in the right place.  Back home to actually eat the bread for lunch and finish up BG work and watch Reservation Dogs with L.

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