By Veronica

Out for a walk

It turned out that the Thursday afternoon walk had been cancelled at short notice by Facebook message, but Ingrid, G, N and I didn't know about it, so we all showed up at the meeting point anyway and decided to be autonome, in N's words, and go for a walk on our own.

We took the easy option of walking to Notre Dame de la Consolation along the track, and then decided to try and remember J-L's back route home through the vineyards. We took a couple of wrong turns, but they didn't really matter because there are always landmarks to be seen: pylons, Alaric, la falaise bleue. The weather was cool enough to make walking pleasant, and we had a good old natter too. 

See extra for another amazing caterpillar which googling has failed to identify. Contrary to appearances, the end with the red spike is not its face. So if anyone can tell me what it is, I would be grateful!

Back in the village, 8 km and around 2 1/4 hours later, we all sat down at Ingrid's for a restorative cup of tea while we put the world to rights (refaire le monde). Eventually Ingrid got out a bottle of muscat, and shortly afterwards S arrived, curious to see what we were up to. So we had a couple of glasses and fixed some more of the world. If only it were so simple.

In the morning we'd been to S and T's for table tennis, so it was a thoroughly pleasant and sociable day.

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