Virtual versus real meetings

Adjusting to webinars on zoom is a new skill we are all learning. We are becoming more relaxed though one member attending tonight’s webinar from a local historical society near Edinburgh took it a step further. She announced on audio that we would not be seeing her on the video link because "I have just washed my hair and I am in my pyjamas.”
The chairman pointed out that one advantage of virtual talks is that nobody had to go out in the evenings.
Already I have heard of one local Bridge club where the players have decided to continue with virtual bridge because they didn’t want to go out on cold dark winter nights.
The downside is that it does require folk to have kept up with the technology. I have re-started my fitness classes at the Peak Sports centre in Stirling but all the members of the class prior to the pandemic have not re-joined.  One reason is that it requires everyone to have an app on their smartphones. Without that you can’t access the classes. Before folk could just ring up and book.
Photo: I don’t ever remember seeing our garden so colourful in autumn.

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