By Charente


I generally refuse to use photos with the feeder showing but today this was the only shot I could get of the Goldfinches, they would not move to any branches or to the birdbath.  The feeder is quite far back on the cherry tree and not ideal anyway.  Also, the window is dirty which this was taken through.  This is the first Goldfinches I have seen in many moons, I hope they hang around and I can get some better shots of them.

It's been a pretty grey day but no rain.  I did a quick shop at lunchtime as we realised we had no fruit left other than figs and a few apples both from our own trees.  I was disappointed in what Lidl had though I managed to get some pears and grapes.  The citrus looked like it had been on the shelves for far too long.   I then remembered on Friday Intermarche does not close for lunch, so in there I managed to buy some fresh-looking clementines from Spain.

I am not really sure where the day disappeared to but suddenly it was time to get dinner ready.  Roast pork served with Quince jelly and potatoes in jackets with a cheesey filling, Also roasted some parsnips and a couple of small pumpkins that I suspected would not last for long.  We had a mixed salad starter and of course a glass (or 2) of wine :-)

Keep safe everyone and have a great weekend, thanks so much for all the visits and comments, always appreciated.

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