By deanna_pearce

Storm in a teacup

An early start - we left about 7:30 and reached the NIghtingale Vaccination centre just before 8:00.  About 10 people in the queue ahead of us - all wearing masks and social distancing.  All very organised inside.  They had quite a queue forming and they opened the side reserved for 1st and 2nd jabbers.   Waited the obligatory 15 mins and then home.  Got fuel and money while we were out.  So far no ill effects but KG is feeling a bit weary.
Decided that I would have a chilled out afternoon and spent some time creating my Silly Saturday Storm in a teacup.  In memory of dear Admirer who started this challenge years ago.
I had fun doing this and used various filters.
Transform warp tool to get the water in the cup - liquify to move the water.  Copy and paste to get the little boat in - various layers  
made the clouds with the brush tool  and the lightning was  copied
The background was created using the mixer brush tool  so a fun time was had 
Quite a mild day but not mush sunshine I am afraid

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