By amandoAlentejo

Fancy a Game?

All seven of us have come up to Manchester to spend a couple of days with the other two in the family. Walked round Platt Fields while we waited for Tom to finish work, and Paul got talking to two men offering chess games; one of them didn't want to be put on social media... does Blip count as what most folk mean by social media? Anyway, Paul took his place on the bench.

Then, when we got home, Paul fancied playing chess - but no chess set, so he’s spent the evening making one out of cardboard.

Sam made us a great picnic that we had on Cannock Chase on the way up, and now waiting for Julia to arrive, she "still had to break someone's waters", so we can eat the S Indian curry she made yesterday.

- that I didn't have to drive up, and Mike getting us here safely
- the chance for all of us to be together for a couple of days
- Ju and Tom giving up their super comfy king-size bed to Mike and I

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