By Yorkshirebred

Mixed weather walk

Called at the Pharmacy and the Butcher’s this morning.  Quite mild, so once I had dropped my shopping off at home I went off for a wander around St Ives Estate.  Remembered to take duck and swan food this time.  A dog Walker was amused at the way the swans came charging out if the pond demanding food - they don’t wait for it to be thrown in the water now, they go straight for the hand!  The dog was less amused by one of the adult swans hissing and pecking at it when it got too near. As I went onto the feeding station the gulls started to move in.  These Black Headed Gulls came right to the side of me trying to look nonchalant, but obviously hoping to get fed first.  They are quite pretty gulls, but oh so noisy en masse!  A lovely walk with the trees looking very autumnal now.  Stood a while under the trees in the lower park when the heavens opened and there was torrential rain for a few minutes.  Home to more searching for the financial documents I need - and finally success!  I also got rid of lots of ancient bills and receipts from the files I was searching.  I now have a huge pile of papers to shred when I get my shredder back!

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