By Skyroad

Above The Tracks

Went for a wander along the beach in Blackrock. The sea was out (though on the way back) so I could have walked to Seapoint and beyond. I got as far as the little brick ruins on a rocky promontory, perhaps the remains of some Victorian outpost of industry. It has been a roofless shell for as long as I can remember. The church-like windows suggest a chapel or monastery, but there are bits of rusting machinery in the grass nearby. I think the last time I came here was with Slant about 15 years ago.

Nothing much had changed. More graffiti perhaps, and more discarded cans and bottles, the remains of some rough fire, all the furniture of dereliction. I took a few shots but it wasn't till I was walking back that I noticed a unique angle on the prom, looking up from the railway.

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