Lovely Stornoway

Yesterday the  café/bar was used for James the postie's retirement do. Today the local ceilidh band was playing for a couple of hours. We popped in to hear a few tunes and this is the band leader playing Calum Kennedy's song Lovely Stornoway*.  Any kind of live music is good and if the tunes are well known such as the Lewis Bridal Song (Mairi's Wedding) or the Uist Tramping Song so much the better. I didn't have the band's permission for a photo so no faces.

A good neighbourhood walk this morning followed by much green gym. Mainly sweeping. Then cooking and baking. 16:45 and it's more or less dark!

* Make your way to Stornoway,
On the road to Orinsay,
Where my thoughts return each day,
By lovely Stornoway.

Where the folks are truly kind,
Where you leave the world behind,
Where each cloud is silver lined,
By lovely Stornoway.

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