By KatesGardenPDX

A Soaker of a Day!

But it looks like the rain has stopped for the moment. More than 2" of rain fell in the last 48 hours and there is flooding everywhere! The extra is the golf course in our neighborhood where I play (Grandma Kate's Golf Course scream the grandchildren as we drive by!) The 16th green is behind the large tree in the foreground, and the 17th tee box...oh heck, the whole fairway, is flooded in the back ground. My neighborhood is named for Rock Creek which runs through it (and that's the name of the course too) and when we get heavy rain it floods...sometimes closing the road too.

Despite the rain, I went for a walk with my dear friend Lisa who is leaving to spend the winter in Palm Springs with her husband. They won't be back until early April. But this year I will go visit! I may even drag my clubs along since we're golf buddies. It was a fun and very wet walk, but good to catch up before she leaves.

I took a quick walk in the garden and thought that this container was full of lovely autumnal colors. 

Happy Friday!

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